A Stack of Papers

An article like this relies heavily on data, but needs so much more than that. As with many investigative reports, money is a factor. Experts will weigh the costs of demolition and building versus renovation on each project. The cost of past endeavors can be looked at, and their qualitative success measured by a group of sources. That is traditional, and in general fairly simple.
Basically, that’s numbers.
But this needs something beyond numbers. It needs building names, important architects,  historic features and other points en masse. It also needs a mass of case studies and reports. In general, it needs things that I am very interested in looking at, but less adept at dealing with.
I have found that there is almost too much information for me to be able to go through (though that may not be the case if reporting was my sole and dedicated job). I often times seems like a mountain of papers (online papers) that need close scrutiny. It’s all very interesting, but it isn’t numbers. Heck, it isn’t even sources that pop out quotes over the course of thirty or more minutes. It’s years of work to go back over.
If I want something turned around fast, i’d rather have numbers, but it seems that this is really where stories lie.
And again, I find myself back at sourcing. I really need someone to tell me what to look at. I need a roadmap. (Funny how that comes up)


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